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Ucities is an online community dedicated to startups and people who want to work with and for startups. Ucities connects Founders with the local people and resources they need as their business grows. We are strong supporters of Silicon Beach communities everywhere.
30 Days to Awaken Your Inner Guru
A 30 day program taking you on a journey within to breakthrough limiting beliefs and create a new future aligned to your authentic self
Blissful Work
Organisations are finding it harder and harder to create an environment where the human side of business is not ignored in their relentless pursuit of products and services that delight the customers. ​ I help with this by bridging the final frontier of a happy work culture - Kindness. I offer practical advice and methods that can be integrated into your everyday work which can improve the quality of life at work and even make it Blissful.
Sailing in virtual reality. Inspiring, training and connecting sailors worldwide using consumer immersive tech.
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2020 February
Open Coworking Day ($10) @ YBF Ventures
February 19 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
520 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Want to work alongside some of the most exciting tech companies at Melbourne’s top startup hub for tech & Innovation? You are invited to work from YBF Ventures (formerly York Butter Factory) for a day for only $10. What’s more, it’s R U OJ? day at YBF. Every Wednesday at 10:30am the YBF community gathers in the kitchen for good ol’ chat over bagels and orange juice about everything and anything. Particularly our mental state as we navigate the difficult startup path. You are invited to join in. If you haven’t guessed it, R U OJ? is a pun on R U OK? day. About YBF Ventures YBF is one of the communities that kicked off the whole coworking phenom in Australia way back in 2011 and has always been committed to growing and nurturing Melbourne’s tech ecosystem. Founders of YBF were among the tech/ startup enthusiasts who founded Melbourne Silicon Beach around the same time. YBF is already home to startups working in fintech, Web 3.0, lawtech, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, agtech, big data and more. YBF also serves as the headquarters to some pretty impressive global-reaching companies – Silicon Valley’s Wrike, Berlin’s Signavio and the Australian arm of Startupbootcamp are based out of 520 Bourke Street. YBF even has folks working in the space who are in research mode, planning their next big project. On top of that, YBF has world-class corporate partners and house two government-backed hubs: the YBF Fintech Hub and YBF Mesh (the world’s first Web 3.0 hub); and Australia’s first lawtech hub in a partnership with Lander & Rogers. YBF offers private offices (from single-person to 40-person part floors) and open-plan desks, plus there is lots of community space for more relaxed working and impromptu meetings. For more formal meetings YBF has ten meeting rooms of varying sizes across three floors available to members – all with connected TVs and white boards. YBF’s premium coworking space also has the city’s fastest WiFi (1000/1000 Mbps Symmetrical U/D), private phone booths, bike storage, fully-stocked showers (including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and fresh towels), renowned (almost daily) events and an awesome community. Why is YBF Ventures the tech world’s go-to hub in Melbourne? We’ve made a quick video for you to watch: ‘18 Reasons Why’: What are the benefits of coworking from a hub like YBF Ventures? Read the ‘Top 5 Benefits of Coworking’ here: Want more? Visit us online at Check us out on social media: LinkedIn: Instagram (our account just won an award!): Facebook: Twitter: Loved your day working at YBF? Let a member of the Community Management team know and they can talk to you about joining as a full-fledged member of Australia’s number one tech community. ——— Where does the $10 entry money go? 100% of the ticket proceeds go to Silicon Beach Group Ltd, a “for purpose” company formed to empower founders, unify and reactivate the Silicon Group communities around Australia (with over 23,000+ Silicon Beachers around the country) and take Australia to #2 ranked startup nation by 2025. We are currently #5 (Source: – switch to Country Board) Connect even more with Silicon Beach community, share your projects, ask for any help that you need right now. Sign up in just 3 minutes and share your startup, app, scale-up, service business or yourself on the project page of our new website – ——- Please note we will be videoing and taking photos at this and many of our other events. Please be aware that when you RSVP, you give consent for these to be posted on Meetup and our social media channels as well as those of our event partners and sponsors. ——
2020 February
Small Business Elevator Day - Get fit for growth!
February 29 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
663 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia
An event in partnership with Higher Spaces ——————————————————————— As a small business owner, are you facing a ramp-up in revenue and increase in your customer base? Are you keeping up with the growth whilst managing cost-efficiently? Are you also starting to think about the potential of your business, where you want this to go in the longer term? These are great issues to think about because it means you’re on the path of growing and scaling your business. You’re heading in the right direction but getting a business to grow at scale is quite a different ball game. We have dedicated a full day to help you “get fit for growth”. Come for a unique experience of learning, inspiration and networking Find out what it means to get fit for growth from a whole-of-business perspective. Hear from our panel of experts who have what it takes to set you up for success. We have lined-up six topics for the day: 10am to 1pm TOPIC #1: Attract Investors: the right funds and governance in place to grow and scale your business Speaker: Andrew Miles – focuses on providing Angel investments to help companies grow and be successful. Andrew provides mentoring, government incentives, seed investment, board reporting and leadership services to over 700 business owners in emerging technology and other innovative industries. TOPIC #2: Clarify Your Growth Strategy: Get clear on your motivations and target state with an executable growth strategy Speaker: Shu Tan – has over 20 years of international experience in formulating and executing business strategy to help multi-national companies capture market opportunities. Shu is currently General Manager, Strategy Execution at Telstra Corporation. She was previously a Senior management consultant at PwC advising on growth strategies and business plans to clients in Australia, Asia Pacific, China and Europe TOPIC #3: Build the Right Culture for the Right Team: Attract talent & cultivate a growth mindset Speaker: Josephine Palermo – is a highly recognised professional with deep specialisation in organisational, leadership and change development for companies internationally. She helps businesses and entrepreneurs achieve greater revenue by creating business systems that are geared for growth including helping them change processes, tools, people and culture to achieve bigger dreams in their business. ** Lunch will be provided at 1pm 1.30pm to 4pm TOPIC #4: Optimise Your Finances: financial management for greater cost efficiency & productivity, doing more with the same for greater profitability Speaker: Elis Hoxha – is a Chartered Accountant and financial advisor helping small to medium businesses on a range of financial services. Elis brings with him practical and effective financial management that is critical for businesses to keep on top of their financial performance. TOPIC #5: Work Smart through Innovation: Implement smarter ways of working & optimise innovation Speaker: Craig Brown – a veteran of software product development that has experience leading global software product development teams spanning 4 continents, 8 cities and hundreds of team members. He has worked in startups, global businesses, and leading Australian enterprises. Craig also founded LAST conference, a conference for cross functional software development teams. Now Craig heads the Everest Engineering team, a modern software product development consultancy that delivers innovation capability out of India to the Australian tech industry. TOPIC #6: A Healthier You: Consciously practice self-care to stay mentally and physically healthy as you travel uphill on your growth track Speaker: Sharon Pakir is a speaker, coach, facilitator, and the director of The Trailblazer Tribe. Leadership and team dynamics are Sharon’s forte. She’s formed over 100 teams, and led them to transformational success. She has worked with over 7000 individuals in their quest for personal transformation.
Our Partners
If you’ve been to one of our live events, downloaded a template or guide, listened to a podcast or watched a webinar. Nothing of this would be possible without the contribution in venues, content, knowledge and much more of all our amazing partners. Many thanks to you, the most active community members. Your relentless contribution is the water on wheels of this Silicon Beach mill!

Oct 14,2019
When the wheels fall off

On the surface Kickstarter seems like a great way to get ideas launched. But the recent failure of Ossic to get a single set of regular headphones out to punters despite over 20,000 pre-orders, tells me there’s something wrong with the model. When looked at through the lens of Lean Startup — it’s amazing anything can launch



To be clear, I’m not dissing the model, just what confusion it can cause for founders. Kickstarter and their ilk do an amazing job of helping founders confirm product-market fit. Mark Andreessen describes it as thusly:

In other words, a successful campaign tells you there’s plenty of people who want what you are building. Awesome! That’ll save you a ton of research . . . .

It’s also a really simple way to not fall into the trap of misinterpreting problem/solution fit when you are ideating. That’s where people tell you the idea is great but what you propose to build isn’t what they would actually buy (ie right idea wrong product).

So what’s the problem?

Well I’m glad you asked. Stretch goals are anti-lean and in my opinion a death sentence for a new product’s launch. They also force you into adding massive complexity and all in the same deadline you originally had for the simpler idea.

Most likely there is lots to learn about running the business before the kickstarters start actually building anything. On top of that, they’ve just promised the market some stunning new never-before-seen feature that attracted your eye and your wallet.

Throw in a bunch of stretch goals, that I can almost guarantee they haven’t really costed, and it’s a recipe for tears (and unfortunately sometimes Class Actions )

Lean tells us to start with the Minimum Viable Product, and using learnings and customer feedback to improve your product. Using scientific method, make incremental improvements and always take the pulse of the client.

Ossic even confirmed this in their final post. Admitting that the project had grown to require over 20 experts in various fields as diverse as UX design and developers in sound processing across 5 different platforms.

Even after admitting to this they still went on to boast that where regular headphones had 2 playback transducers, theirs had 8 and they had achieved working models of what they set out to build.

It may have been a work of art but as Steve Jobs was fond of saying to his team on the original Mac, “Real Artists Ship”.

Launching a new product is hard, don’t make it harder.

I’m the founder of Shiftiez a service that humanises rosters by letting staff co-plan shifts with employers, adapting to life’s changes and getting on with business. Interested to chat? Contact me here.

Oct 14,2019

Classes to attend, lessons to learn …. startup to launch. Curated by SiliconNews Editorial Team, just for you. A project of Melbourne Silicon Beach.

Last updated 24 June 2019

SiliconSchool is committed to bringing you the best education resources from Melbourne and around the world to inspire & empower you to be an awesome startup founder, tech co-founder, hustler, hipster, hacker or whoever you want to be in the startup eco-system.

SiliconSchool is in hiatus. Please refer to SiliconCalendar for events and workshops in the meantime.

Online Courses

The courses below maybe taken at any time at your pace.

How to build a Startup — Lean Launch Pad by Steve Blank.

How to Start a Startup by Y Combinator. A series of lectures from Stanford University and Y Combinator.

2017 Lecture Series

Have a class, workshop or an educational event to list? Comment below or join our Slack and list it in #silicon_school channel.

Oct 15,2019 $10
Ask anyone how you build a strong organisational culture and chances are you’ll hear the words values and alignment…a lot!
Oct 17,2019 free
Speed Networking in partnership with KUBU community
We are holding a ‘speed networking’ event (our first ever), a collab with Kubu Community @ 11th Space. And you are invited. Places are limited.
Nov 1,2019 free
Show & Tell @ FAB9, Footscray
A special event in partnership with Melbourne’s newest Maker Space, FAB9 FAB9 is a makerspace that empowers makers. The space has been purpose-built so designers and makers of all skill levels can access the training, tools and prototyping equipment needed to turn ideas into physical realities. Whether you’re an amateur tinkerer working on a dream DIY project, a hardware entrepreneur creating the next world-changing product, or someone who just wants to experiment with different materials and processes, our space is open to you for a monthly membership fee. Come and see the space for yourself. And watch the work of the growing Maker community in Melbourne. Collaborate and innovate. What’s a Show & Tell? It’s like a Pitch Night for Makers. Bring something you made or an idea. It could be for a hardware startup, prototype or piece of art. Let your imagination run wild. We are inviting Silicon Beach community to bring your ideas to FAB9. This is a FREE event. Pizza and drinks will be provided. We are open to sponsorships. Please contact the Event Hosts or email Main Photo: Michelle Mannering – Baja Board City of Melbourne/ That Startup Show /Photographer Wren Steiner ——- PLEASE NOTE We will be videoing and taking photos at this event. By attending, you give consent for those to be posted on Meetup and our social media channels.
Moving to Melbourne after graduating as an engineer in Brazil was a huge challenge for me. Having absolutely no network made it even harder. I’ve stumbled across Silicon Beach on and eventually started attending their open co-working days in St Kilda. Being around like-minded people and sharing my personal and professional experiences made me narrow down my possibilities here in Melbourne and eventually led me to upskill in data analytical skills and reaching out to this network. Almost by accident (but not really), I came across an event at a soon-to-be-open makerspace in Footscray – FAB9. Through the Silicon Beach network, I’ve managed to meet the founder and CEO of this company and eventually I joined the team. Nowadays I work as an Industrial Engineer for FAB9 and I’m glad to be able to collaborate with Silicon Beach for community-building events and gatherings.
Bernardo Mendonça
Industrial and Ops Engineer at FAB9
In my experience of getting a startup off the ground for the past year or so, I’ve consistently found Silicon Beach offers the most effective way to start integrating yourself to the startup community, and the resources to help you succeed at making it through the various phases. The community achieves this through providing the warmest and least confronting atmosphere at events with participants made up of new founders, potential collaborators and top calibre mentors. The relationships I’ve built through these events have been long lasting and invaluable in helping me to make my startup a reality.    
Joseph Montuoro
Founder - 'My Pathway'
I highly recommend Silicon Beach to early stage Founders looking to connect with an authentic and friendly Startup community.
Brian McCarthy
CEO, Brandello
Silicon Beach is a great community, and really made my trip to Melbourne special. If you have an idea, and want to get in touch with collaborators, this is the place.
Austin Mackal
Digital Epistemologist