SiliconCare Yoga and Mindfulness classes


SiliconCare is dedicated to support our community on their exiting and exhausting start-up journey. Therefor we’re going to introduce weekly Yoga and Mindfulness classes all over Melbourne (and all of AusPac).

We have experienced teachers and distribution over meetup and eventbrite are under conrtrol

What we need most at this stage are

  • venues – best in or in close proximity to co-working places and preferably with change rooms and showers
  • social media marketing
  • Implementation of a online survey to find out what our community wants


Yoga and mindfulness


Are you living the stressful life in a start-up or as an entrepreneur? Long hours in the office sitting at your desk or sleepless nights pondering life changing decisions?

Yoga might be just what you’re looking for!


Introductory offer: Any class in October and November 2018 for just A$10!


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Come join us for an hour of yoga, the practice of exploring the mind-body-breath connection, to reach the inner stillness within; a place of limitless potential and clarity.

Yoga is a holistic practice that is not only physical exercise that helps strengthen and tone your body and correct posture but also helps you to master the challenges of the chaotic start-up and entrepreneurial lifestyle by strengthening your mind.

Yoga amongst other things is about focus and determination; the essence of what’s needed in the start up/entrepreneurial journey to get your business off the ground and grow it to it’s maximum, which you get to practice on the yoga mat by holding postures and breathing through it.

You will also learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques that can help calm or energise you, depending on how you feel on the day.

Breathing deeply throughout the postures are techniques you can apply in stressful business situations, too, helping you to keep your calm and make better decisions.

The final guided relaxation and meditation is worth the wait, as it transports you into a space of calm, relaxed peacefulness. The same peacefulness that will allow you to enjoy a rewarding deep sleep after an exciting day of working on your dreams.



This is a class for all levels; where beginners are warmly welcome!


Things to note before you come to class: Please ensure you do not eat at least 1.5 hours before class. Bring a water bottle to hydrate yourself.


Please bring your own mat or towel.Limited mats will also be available.




Learn all the tremendous benefits for your wellbeing for just A$10.- per class.


[Eventbrite link]

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